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My “diet” and why I do it

Everytime I tell people that I try to watch what I eat whenever possible I always get this reaction: "You don't need to diet! You're so skinny already!" Well people, not because someone is "skinny" or slim doesn't mean they... Continue Reading →

Because we are ALWAYS busy

So I have been away several months from here because I was busy.. I'd like to believe I was. Aside from being busy I was actually not as motivated to write stuff. I have several pending posts that I have... Continue Reading →

The Pinoy culture #1

I am prepared to get questioned and hated with this post. BUT I don't really care. I will specifically point this out to my fellow Filipinos: The question "Kumusta ka?" is not followed by or synonymous to "Uy! Tumaba/pumayat ka... Continue Reading →

Customised journal by

One time I was browsing through Instagram for journaling ideas when I came across Since I am a fan of journals/notebooks, I messaged them and asked about their services. If you're looking for customised journal I highly recommend you... Continue Reading →

1 January 2018 – day one OR one day

Yesterday, one of my friends asked me if I will post a summary of 2017 in my blog. At first I said probably not because everybody seems to be doing that so I kind of lost my interest doing it... Continue Reading →

The Cultural Differences – Education IS Important

I know sometimes education is not easy to attain but education does not only mean going to school to learn. There are so many ways for a person to educate the mind and know the world more - seeing the... Continue Reading →

Lombok, my new home

It has been a month since I moved to Lombok and everyday feels like a new adventure. (on my 4th day here, I had to buy some major house appliances. Felt so adult right after every purchase! I didn’t know... Continue Reading →

Old fashioned hand written letters

I admire vintage things, I admire how they give you nostalgic feeling - or actually gives you the idea of how simple life was and people were busting their ass off just to get things done. Those days when people... Continue Reading →

My Fondness For Breakfast

I have always been very fond of breakfast. I can eat breakfast food at any time of the day.  But my interest for breakfast goes beyond just the food. I always admire people who take time to get up and prepare... Continue Reading →

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