Even the smallest action creates a big impact.

Since it’s getting more and more visible in the news now – the problem about using plastic, what do you think can you do to help the environment?

For a bit long while now, I’ve been bringing my own spoon and fork and stainless straw so that I can avoid using plastic spoon and fork when eating out.

Today at the grocery, I brought my own container for the meat that I bought. No need for it to be in plastic or styro! (They did give me a weird look while I handed them the container and told them to put it there instead. I don’t care.)

Last month, while I was on a holiday back home (Philippines) I discovered this reusable food container called Stasher. It’s a silicone bag that is safe for storing food and other stuff. It’s a good on the go bag for your snacks, packed meals and even important documents (I now put my passport, id cards, visa stuff in it. More convenient than a zip lock especially if your goal is to avoid the possibility of getting wet). I never leave the house without having one in my bag just in case I need a take away bag or anything possible. It’s handy, easy to use, and helps contribute in lessening single plastic use. Worth it purchase!