Learned about this place from a friend a couple of months ago… And it also took us a couple of months before we finally managed to go and try it out.

You can order per slice or a whole pizza. Mind you the slices are pretty big so if you are thinking of trying out all the flavours, fear not as you can buy per slice!


I tried carnivore and the truffle pizza. It was pretty much okay. There’s something about the pizza sauce that I am trying to figure out – initial reaction is that it taste a bit sweet for me plus can’t seem to taste the cheese that much as well. The truffle however (I love truffle!) better. You can taste the hint of truffle but still needs a bit more plus the cheese as well.

Overall, it was a good experience and worth the wait! If you’re around Pondok Indah/Cilandak area and wants some good pizza, you might want to check out S/iced Pizza. They’re also available through GoJek.