IMG_2360I was browsing Shopee trying to find organic peanut butter and I came across this store Peppermint Organics selling organic vegan peanut butter with dark choco. Didn’t think twice and placed my order!

Love that they are quick in arranging your order, 2 days after it arrived and I couldn’t be any happier! Tried it for my post work out meal and I was satisfied with the taste! The texture was also good plus the fact that it’s vegan makes me love it more! (I’m no vegan but I prefer my peanut butter vegan friendly. The taste is just so much better.) Not the usual (too) sweet peanut butter with very oily/greasy texture.

I checked their store afterwards and they have other spread to choose from. Aside from this being organic, it is locally made so it makes it more interesting – I try support locally produced products as much as I can because why not right?! Plus I don’t need to be local to do that.

Next order – almond butter! Check them out on Instagram or Shopee for the complete list!