Everytime I tell people that I try to watch what I eat whenever possible I always get this reaction: “You don’t need to diet! You’re so skinny already!”

Well people, not because someone is “skinny” or slim doesn’t mean they don’t need to go on a diet. There is nothing wrong with wanting to be healthy – and by that you need to eat right and exercise. Never mistaken “wanting to be healthy” for trying to lose weight.

I am lucky somehow that no matter how much I eat I don’t gain weight quickly. But then again, my work requires me to move a lot everyday and because I also work out from time to time, I get to burn most of my daily intake.

My usual diet is very simple – intermittent fasting (now it has a name, before I don’t even call it fasting nor was I aware that that was what I am doing). Mainly because that has been my regular meal pattern. I skip breakfast especially on weekdays and also skip dinner on most days. I’d say it’s working well for me because I get to use all my stored energy and I don’t have to limit myself on what to eat – one of the things I hate is counting the calorie intake. So instead of doing that, I just resolve to fasting. I kid you not, I find it really pleasing because there are days when my appetite is good for a family meal and I eat it all myself. So for the next day I get to consume all those carbs!

Now why do I continue doing it? Even if I’m already “skinny/slim?” Simple.

I don’t want to be sick eventually or at least I try to avoid having health problems when I’m older. I don’t want to do actions when it’s already too late – prevention is better than cure. It’s not about me wanting to be “sexy” that’s why I submit to a kind of diet. I don’t want to look sexy then sick inside – no thank you. Is that clear enough? 🙂

Now I know this kind if “diet” is not suitable for everyone. Just keep in mind that whatever kind of diet you want to submit yourself to, it’s never going to be easy at first. You will struggle especially when you are not used to it. My advice is to go little by little and change your routines gradually. Especially if you are aiming to lose weight. Do not decide overnight that you want to stop eating rice because it makes you fat. There are always alternatives. You just have to get used to the alternatives in order for you to attain your goal. But above all, remember to do these things because you want to take care of yourself. Not for people to give you compliments but because you value your health and everything will fall into it’s right place.