A couple of weeks ago we decided to try out the new MRT here in Jakarta. Aside from that idea being impulsive, we were also a bit stressed with the ticket (it was free that time but we still had to provide a pass) from Bukalapak because it took forever for us to get email verification of our account.

We head to Senayan station and went down to Bunda HI. Stayed a little bit outside the station and watched the people passing by – felt like a tourist (well, I’m actually not from here so I guess I still count as a tourist even if I’ve lived here for 5 years now.) exploring the city on a Friday night.

We decided to head back and this time we alighted at Blok M station.

The train station set up reminded me of Singapore MRT. As of now it’s still clean and less crowded. I hope they will manage to keep it clean and the passengers would be mindful enough to also contribute in taking care of it. Good job, Jakarta for finally having your MRT. More progress!