Since I only have limited time, catching up with places where I want to eat was a bit difficult. I have so many on my list but so little time. That didn’t stop me however from getting my carrot cake fix from The Chocolate Kiss Cafe. I realized that it’s not a popular cake in Jakarta, and the best one I tried so far was in Bali so I didn’t think twice – MUST STOP BY AT CHOCO KISS!

Even if it was not as tasty like before (the last time I had this cake was 7 years ago) for me, it’s still GOOD. The texture was still the same – moist and not airy inside. It was worth the wait! The only regret I had when I went there was that I was still full from late lunch. Other than that, it was a great experience! Will surely drop by this place the next time I visit home.. Might as well buy the whole cake and eat it for a couple of days before flying out again. At least I am happy.