IMG_1246One time we went all the way to Pluit to try out this place called Take A Bite because a friend said the place is a Harry Potter themed resto. Since she is a big fan, she invited me to come join – so I said sure, always up to try a new place especially if it is a possible good food experience.

It was unfortunate that when we went there, the place does not look like anything from Harry Potter (aside from the 9 3/4 corner wall) because  of all the Chinese New Year decoration hanging. Didn’t really stop us from trying it out anyway.

Checking out the menu, they have several choices and the price range was reasonably okay. I ordered chicken teriyaki rice bowl, cheese fries and peach tea. Love the peace tea!  Serving wise it was a bit small which explains the price range but hey, it’s still good and apt anyway.

Noticed that the place can be get very busy even if it’s getting late. We arrived around 4pm and it was crowded. We left around 12mn and it was still busy! Must be a good/popular place around the area for hanging out.