So I have been away several months from here because I was busy.. I’d like to believe I was.

Aside from being busy I was actually not as motivated to write stuff. I have several pending posts that I have yet to face but because I was busy I just let it stay there.

Lately I realised that I hear a lot of people I know talking about how busy they are. Even I also say that for the most part. Whenever someone would ask me “How are you?” or “How was your day” I would usually say “I’m alright, busy but alright.”

I think people should stop focusing on how busy they are. Life will always be busy and to have that kind of mindset where “you are always busy” will make you lose opportunity that might change your life. Nor should they stop using the word “busy” as an excuse why they can’t meet up with friends, go to the gym, do house chores, and so on….

I am trying to put my thoughts together to make more sense. For now, after a long hiatus I am back. 🙂