That awesome cut of pork chashu!

I must say, Instagram has shown me good food discoveries around Jakarta and all the way to Surabaya! Thank you for the easy payment and delivery system!

I am not a big pork fan but I do enjoy the occasional cut of bacon.. Because bacon is always love for me. So I am very happy to come across Rumah Jagal Bapa on Instagram.

They are based in Surabaya so I was a bit hesitant at first to order because I was worried it might affect the quality of the frozen goods during delivery time. But I was really curious so I finally decided to order and try out their pork chashu.

I love how responsive they were and very accommodating. I had a bit of a problem with the delivery because it was during the weekend and told them about it. They immediately sent replacement the following day and this time, they made sure the product will arrive in good condition – THANK YOU VERY MUCH!

Their smoked herbed sausage and pork chasu.. You can tell they didn’t use a lot of artificial preservatives or artificial taste enhancers because it was not exaggeratedly tasty. And that is really good because that means they use quality ingredients to make their pork top notch. The smoked herbed sausage was the bomb! I love how tasty the herbs was and it adds up to the aroma while cooking. The pork chashu was very tender – soooooo GOOD! Even when I made it crispy, it was still perfect! Can’t wait to try their pork belly for my next order!

Check out their Facebook and Instagram page for their full menu + price list.

So, if you’re around Surabaya or Jakarta (or wherever around Indonesia) and looking good quality pork, check out Rumah Jagal Bapa. I highly recommend the smoked herbed sausage!