When I visited Jakarta during my break, I was really looking forward to eat some comfort food and try out new places. Hanging out with one of my friends there, she introduced me to this place called Lewis and Carroll around Senayan area.

The place is pretty fancy and neat. I heard they serve good tea there but was not able to try it out – which means I have a reason to go back to Jakarta (aside from meeting friends of course.)

Looking at the menu, they offer a pretty good selection of non local food. Seems like an ideal place for brunch as well.

I ordered spicy truffle aglio olio, some iced tea and we had kaya toast too. The pasta serving was so-so for the amount but the taste was great. I like that it’s spicy and tasty at the same time. Their kaya bread was also very filling – my first time to try kaya toast with big sliced bread. Plus the filling was really creamy – perfect!

Overall the experience was worth it and would definitely come back to this place when I’m in Jakarta to try the rest of the menu.