I’ve read about this place before and been meaning to try it out.. But you know, I’m lazy most of the time and since it’s out of Jakarta the more I felt lazy to drop by and visit. So thanks to my friend who invited me here, lazy no more!

So we went here late afternoon and it was a good timing because it wasn’t crowded (It was also the first day of fasting, the Ramadan season. So that’s probably why there’s less people.) It’s been a long while since I did this so I was pretty excited. 

It’s not a big place but there are several walls for you to choose from. The beginner walls have automatic belay so you don’t need to have someone helping you for it. I’ve never tried using an auto belay so this way a first for me. The first time I went down, I was a bit hesitant on how I was going to do it. Just slide down and that’s it – pretty cool auto belay.

The non-beginner walls would require you to have someone doing the belaying, you can ask help from the staff or if you are with a friend and you both know how to, then you can take turns and help each other out.

Since it has been a long while since the last time I wall climbed and I haven’t been doing any work out lately, I felt the stress on my arms after the 3rd climb – get ready muscles, you’re going to feel this tomorrow. But regardless it was really fun and I enjoyed it a whole lot!

They have helpful staff and would guide you if it’s your first time. Rates vary tho, weekend and weekdays/holidays have different price. Before you start climbing, you need to fill up a consent form that states the rules and if accidents happen. Then rent your climbing shoes, harness and chalk bag.

Thank you Bremgra Indoor Climbing Gym for the fun weekend experience. Will be back here again as soon as possible for another afternoon of climbing challenge.