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May 2017

Bremgra Indoor Climbing Gym

I've read about this place before and been meaning to try it out.. But you know, I'm lazy most of the time and since it's out of Jakarta the more I felt lazy to drop by and visit. So thanks... Continue Reading →

Baconerie TAKE MY MONEY!!

Living in Jakarta or in Indonesia in general, there are only places where pork is "acceptable." With respect to the religion and culture of the place, they observe the halal practice. I am totally okay with it, but of course... Continue Reading →

Let ‘s Go! Curry

I always enjoy Indian food, maybe not all Indian dishes but some of them. They're just so tasty and aromatic - all those spices and herbs! And to tell you honestly, I was not a fan of curry when I... Continue Reading →

Lombok’s Ayam Taliwang

I've been meaning to try ayam taliwang during my first visit but we always end up eating something else. So on my very short weekend escape I told myself I WILL TRY AYAM TALIWANG! I thought at first it will... Continue Reading →

Lombok Staycation: Joje Bungalow and Beach Bar

Why I allow inventive spelling in and outside the classroom

How important is spelling? For adults or should I say for some adults this is to be taken seriously. Because you know, you have to use correct spelling of words all the time (calling grammar and spelling nazi!) But for... Continue Reading →

The Expat Life – In my point of view

Ah the expat life.. Sounds so limiting and annoying for me extravagant to some people. To some people they think that expats are living the dream, making tons of money and having the best time of their life. Well, let... Continue Reading →

Ubud – My Serenity

Ubud, a place that gives me serenity. Some people I know would say that Ubud is no longer Ubud because it is now so crowded and western cafes are everywhere. I don't know what Ubud looked like before, but I... Continue Reading →

Holiday means FOOD and Bali has a lot of good ones!

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