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April 2017

Ojju for cheese lovers

Weekend in Lembang

So I guess I’m back to clicking!

After leaving Philippines I also left my hobby for picture taking....until lately when I finally decided to buy another camera (after 2 years of convincing myself that I should buy a new one.) But this time I'm not using a... Continue Reading →

A quick fix for some Korean food

If you are in Gandaria City and looking for some cheap Korean fast food, then you better head to CUPBOP. They mainly serve rice bowl meal in chicken and in beef from 30-45idr per order. Not not bad for the... Continue Reading →

When they talk: “Google it!”

I was sitting in the corner while my children are having their Mandarin class. Our Mandarin teacher is not that good in english so sometimes he use google translate to help him explain it further (in english, when the children... Continue Reading →

An unexpected treat of good food!

Let them get dirty!

When they talk: It’s okay, right Ysa? I’m learning.

Everyday I get different kinds of conversation with the children in my class. Some sounds silly at times but trust me, they all make perfect sense. Often, it makes me wonder and question: What on earth am I teaching them?!... Continue Reading →

Are we really meeting the STANDARDS?

When it comes to education we all have different approach. Some would consider the traditional approach where children are given series of tests and drills to master the skills that they are expected to know according to their age. Then... Continue Reading →

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